The Science Behind Marijuana Addiction

The Science Behind Marijuana Addiction
The Science Behind Marijuana Addiction


Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug that is just as addictive as alcohol. Research shows that around 10% of people using marijuana recreationally will go on to become addicted. Although this means the vast majority of cannabis users can use the drug without it causing havoc in their lives; this is not true of everyone. Although marijuana doesn’t have the potency or addictive potential of more powerful drugs such as heroin or cocaine, it is just as easy for people to get hooked on the drug on a psychological level rather than physically.


The Consequences of Marijuana Use


Marijuana use is particularly damaging for people in the age range of 18-25. This is mainly because the brain is still developing during this time which increases the potential to develop abnormalities as a result. This is mostly exhibited as an inability to deal with negative emotions and feelings in a healthy way. The reason marijuana is particularly dangerous for younger people to use is because it acts as a neurotoxin on the developing brain.


That said, older people are not immune to becoming addicted to marijuana and many use it as a method to help them deal with daily life, particularly if there are difficult or stressful circumstances in a person’s home environment. Although they may not face the same degree of risk to brain function, an older person using marijuana is just as likely to develop tolerance to the drug so that they use more to get the effects they seek.


Once tolerance has developed, a person is a step closer to becoming dependent on marijuana and they will notice progressively stronger cravings for the drug as they continue to use it. The majority of marijuana users smoke the drug, often combining it with tobacco to get a slower burn. This increases the chances of developing addiction because of the additional properties in tobacco that are widely known as being extremely harmful.


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