The Science Behind Heroin Addiction

The Science Behind Heroin Addiction
The Science Behind Heroin Addiction


Heroin abuse has skyrocketed in America in recent years, with people who would normally avoid the drug joining the demographic of users. This is mainly because of the alarming increase in prescription drug abuse which leads many people to seek cheaper and more accessible heroin when they become tolerant to their meds. Many prescription painkillers contain opioids which is essentially synthetic heroin which is why the incidences of abuse of the illegal alternative have risen so rapidly.


How Heroin Addiction Develops


The main reason people become addicted to heroin is that regular use has led to their bodies becoming tolerant to the drug’s effects. When someone continually uses heroin, the brain becomes used to receiving signals from the drug to send pleasant sensations around the body. This means that a person either starts using more to get the desired effects or they use the drug more frequently. Either way, the person becomes more exposed to the life-threatening risks of heroin addiction unless they seek treatment as soon as they recognize they have a problem.


The signs a person has become tolerant to heroin include flu-like withdrawal symptoms which become progressively worse. This is the body communicating that it “needs” more heroin to feel better and this is often a feeling that is completely overwhelming for the individual concerned. Withdrawal symptoms can only be eased by either taking more of the drug or completing detox although the latter option is a much healthier route to take.


The trouble with tolerance and cravings is that it puts the individual in a negative cycle that they are unable to break free from on their own. For many, the prospect of detox and rehab is frightening which is mainly due to exaggerated media depictions of withdrawal. However, the truth is that supervised detox ensures the person has any difficult symptoms treated as they emerge in detox so that they are able to pass through this very important first step more comfortably.


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Heroin is among the most dangerous substances to be addicted to. This is because of the fact that a person can overdose very easily. The only way to break the cycle of heroin use and abuse is by seeking out professional treatment like that offered at Casa Recovery. Casa Recovery offers a fully personalized treatment program for people with heroin addiction. If you are struggling with substance abuse in San Capistrano, CA contact us for a discreet consultation today.


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