The Science Behind Cocaine Addiction

The Science Behind Cocaine Addiction
The Science Behind Cocaine Addiction


Cocaine is widely abused in America today and over the years it has become glamorized as a party drug. This is because cocaine is a stimulant that creates a feeling that a person is larger than life. Where someone might ordinarily be quiet and withdrawn, they may become loud and bombastic when they’ve used cocaine. Another reason cocaine is so addictive is because of its effects, some of which only last from 5 minutes to half an hour.


How People Become Addicted to Cocaine


Addiction is an illness that is characterized by a person continuing to abuse substances even if it is causing problems in their lives. Cocaine is an insidious substance that takes its hold on a person over time in two main ways. On an emotional level, cocaine can become a crutch to boost a person’s energy levels in social situations. Physically and psychologically, addiction can develop because of cocaine’s powerful influence on the brain.


One of the principle reasons people become addicted to cocaine is because they develop a tolerance to its effects. This is true of most substances but with cocaine, its short-term effect often leads to people taking progressively more of the drug after just a short period of time after starting to use it. The comedown of cocaine is also quite severe in terms of the person going from an extreme high to a plummeting low very soon after a dose wears off. These factors combine to drive the person to use progressively more cocaine in order to both achieve a high and reduce withdrawal symptoms.


This leaves people trapped in an addictive cycle that is extremely difficult to break without professional help. Many people with substance abuse become withdrawn from loved ones in attempts to conceal their problems which often make them worse. For this reason, getting help as soon as a problem with cocaine is recognized is essential in improving the chances of successful recovery. Continuing cocaine use poses a significant threat to a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health but help is always there no matter how severe the problem.


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