The Science Behind Addiction to Stimulants

The Science Behind Addiction to Stimulants
The Science Behind Addiction to Stimulants


Stimulants are a type of drug that includes amphetamine and cocaine carrying a big risk of developing an addiction. The reason people become addicted to stimulants varies from person to person and depends on many factors including genetics, history of substance abuse, environmental and also general mental health. Whatever the reasons a person becomes addicted to stimulants, there are numerous treatment paths that can lead them to a fulfilling life in recovery.


Why do People Become Addicted to Stimulants?


Although the first few times a person uses drugs is usually through choice, as addiction deepens, it becomes an overwhelming compulsion. One of the major characteristics of addiction is that the person will continue to abuse substances even though their lives are falling apart. This is a clear indication that using stimulants is no longer a “choice” but a need.


Stimulants work by interrupting the brain’s communication system to create its effects. The kind of effects produced by stimulants includes:


  • A rapid heartbeat
  • Contracted or dilated pupils
  • Unusually high energy levels
  • Increased blood pressure


One of the big problems with stimulants is that when their effects wear off, the comedown can be very unpleasant. Some people develop flu-like symptoms including severe headaches which are signs the body is craving more of the substance. These are known as withdrawal symptoms and when a person begins to experience them, they are very likely to have become addicted to stimulants.


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