The Importance of Addressing Mental Illness in Addiction Recovery


There is a strong correlation between addiction and mental health and many people needing treatment for substance abuse often have co-existing mental health conditions. In some cases, a mental illness preceded substance abuse and in others, symptoms of mental illness are a direct consequence of substance abuse. Regardless of the origins of mental illness in an individual receiving addiction treatment, it is vital that both conditions are addressed at the same time to allow for full recovery.

Why Mental Illness Treatment is Important in Rehab

In the cases where people had a pre-existing mental illness such as depression, anxiety or PTSD before they used substances, it is likely they did so to self-medicate. Many of the symptoms of mental illness are distressing and this often leads people to use drugs or alcohol in order to reduce them. On the other hand, people who use substances such as alcohol (a depressant) or cocaine (a stimulant) can increase their chances of developing a mental health condition as a direct result.

In both cases, patients are known as dual-diagnosis as they have two separate conditions that require treatment. This is essential for people in rehab because there is often a strong interplay between addiction and mental illness which means they can perpetuate each other in a negative cycle of substance abuse. Dual diagnosis patients have both conditions treated separately but at the same time in order to improve overall mental health.

Another reason it is important to address mental health in rehab is that some illnesses like depression and anxiety can be the root causes of substance abuse. One of the main characteristics of addiction is that people are compelled to use rather than doing so through choice. When addictive behavior is driven by mental illness, it can only be overcome when both issues are fully addressed in rehab.

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