How to Prep for a New Year


The New Year is a traditional time for making positive lifestyle changes with resolutions. For recovering addicts, this is particularly important as they embrace their substance-free lives. In this article, we look at some positive resolutions people can make to help them continue on the road to sobriety and enjoy a successful recovery from addiction.

Positive Resolutions for the New Year

  • Make one lifestyle change: Although recovering from addiction is about making many changes on several levels, simply incorporating regular exercise or a healthy breakfast into your daily routine can make a big difference to your recovery.
  • Take a friend to sober events: It can become boring to constantly turn down invitations for social events for fear of relapsing but sometimes necessary. In order to get more confidence in your sobriety, make a resolution to go to social events with a friend who can keep you on the straight and narrow.
  • Make a conscious effort to share: It is important for recovering addicts to remember how much of a benefit they can be to others at the start of their recovery journey. Sharing experiences with others with similar issues is very valuable as a form of mutual support and can make the difference in achieving a successful recovery.
  • Find an understanding support group: Research shows that people are more likely to achieve long-term recovery if they feel they are supported to others. Find a group locally that supports the same things you believe in and have similar experiences as you to share.
  • Take up meditation: Mindfulness practices such as meditation are very beneficial as a coping mechanism for people in recovery from addiction. Learning how to respond to stressful stimulus in a healthy way is essential to prevent people from relapsing.

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