The Basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

The Basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Understanding the Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an approach to psychotherapy used in addiction treatment. ACT is a combination of traditional behavior therapy and CBT and is designed to help individuals stop avoiding, denying and fighting difficult emotions to promote healthier choices. Many people with substance abuse issues turn to substances as a way of escaping difficult emotions. ACT is a therapy that allows them to accept negative thoughts without them restricting positive outcomes.


The Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT is a type of discussion therapy that allows individuals to open up about their feelings guided by a therapist. However, the difference is that people are directed to talk to themselves about certain problematic relationships, traumatic events or health concerns to discover how they truly feel. Therapists are then able to help patients stop negative behavioral cycles that keep them repeating the same mistakes again and again.


The theory behind ACT is that it is pointless, sometimes even counterproductive, to try and limit or restrict painful thoughts and emotions as it leads to further damage in the future. Internalizing difficult feelings very often leads to more distress in the long-run and with that comes the risk of relapse. ACT encourages significant changes in behavior with the individual learning to accept their emotional and psychological experiences.


Ultimately, people’s thought processes guide their behavior whether they use substances or not. When we have a strong, healthy and positive state of mind, our lives can become much better as a consequence. On the flip side, if someone struggling to overcome substance abuse remains stuck in a negative mindset, they are very unlikely to have the emotional strength to be successful. ACT reinforces an individual’s confidence in their own ability to achieve and maintain sobriety.


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