Eva Norton, ACSW

Eva Norton specializes in working with depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma and PTSD. She has many years of experience working with culturally diverse families and individuals in various social work settings including outpatient mental health, vocational rehabilitation, educational mentoring for young adults, veteran healthcare as well as homeless prevention.

Eva offers trauma-informed care by empowering clients to be resourceful, to take action through decision making and by encouraging accountability. She aims to help clients learn to analyze and resolve issues and change behavior through deep exploration of identity and self-esteem, utilizing past experiences and an understanding of emotions. Eva promotes a holistic approach, helping clients to improve their coping skills and increase their capacity for developing satisfying relationships with themselves and others.

Eva is an Associate Clinical Social Worker working towards licensure. She received her MSW with a focus on Community Organization and Leadership from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2018. She received her BSW with a concentration in Psychology in 2014 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.