Summer Activities to Help Keep Your Mind Healthy During Recovery

When you have worked your way through alcohol and drug rehab, you have to reeducate yourself on how to have fun. Some people in rehab fear that they won’t be able to enjoy themselves without drugs or alcohol although that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s absolutely no need to avoid having fun in Southern California if you want to protect your sobriety this summer and the whole year through.


Sticking To Your Sober Guns

The first and most important thing is to be resolute in your sobriety. Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded that “just one drink” won’t hurt or that there’s “probably” not much alcohol in the punch. It is always the best idea to let anyone organizing a social event know that you are in recovery. Here are some Southern California summer activities to take pride in adding to your list that are beyond fun without any drug or alcohol accompaniment:


Enjoy a Drive-In Movie

Taking in a movie while on the go is a refreshing way of having fun without there being any pressure to use substances. There are a few drive-in movie theaters throughout Southern California, and you can take food with you with some comfy lawn chairs to make the evening especially enjoyable.


Have a Picnic

Grabbing a bite to eat in the great outdoors is a great way of having fun with friends and family. Breathing in fresh air while enjoying natural surroundings helps to clear the mind and relax you. Pack a picnic for an outdoor feast at a local park or beach, and you have the recipe for a perfect day in the sunshine.


Be a Kid Again

Indoor activities people usually associate with kids, like laser tag, mini golf, go-carts, and arcades, allow you the opportunity to let your hair down and forget your adult responsibilities. Going with a group of friends who support you in your sobriety will make for unpressurized fun, with a little competition thrown in to give the event an edge.


Have an Outdoor Adventure

There’s a wealth of things to see and do relating to America’s fascinating culture. Whether you fancy high-energy action at one of California’s exciting theme parks and water parks, or something a little more sedate like Yellow Stone National Park, there’s something for everyone within a short distance from LA or Orange County.


See Some Sights

Going to the zoo or a nature reserve is simple fun that you can get involved in any time of the year. Taking time to learn about the many remarkable creatures on our planet, shifts focus from yourself to the world around you.


Choose Casa Recovery to Help You Stay Sober Over the Summer

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