Stress and Mental Health

Stress and Mental Health

How Stress Affects Mental Health


There is a strong relationship between stress and mental health. When a person starts to feel stress is affecting their overall wellbeing, it can lead to more complex problems if they do not receive treatment. The human body is not geared up to be in a constant state of stress and many of us are bombarded from several sources on a daily basis, such as money, relationship problems and health concerns.

The Impact Stress Can Have on Mental Health

A person with chronic stress has an increased risk of developing related health problems including obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and weakened immunity. There is also an increased risk of developing stress-related mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. According to stats from the American Psychological Association, 66% Americans regularly experience stress-related symptoms and 63% psychological symptoms.


Although there is significant research to support the connection between stress and mental illness, the reasons remain unclear. However, the indications are that people with stress disorders such as PTSD or anxiety have experienced alterations in brain chemistry relating to the fight-or-flight response. A person with a stress disorder is less likely to have the ability to calm down their responses or shut them down altogether.


Stress and trauma are two of the most common reasons a person develops a stress order, although symptoms vary from person to person. Many of the conditions associated with stress such as obesity or cancer bring with them additional stress for the sufferer to cope with. These individuals are known as dual diagnosis as they are experiencing two health conditions at the same time. Effective dual-diagnosis treatment addresses both health conditions separately, while at the same time.


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