When someone has completed rehab and overcome addiction, they journey is not over. Although addiction is an illness that can be successfully treated to allow people a happy life in sobriety, there is no cure. The majority of people go on to face challenges in their daily lives that have the potential for relapse, although many have learned effective mechanisms to protect their sobriety.

How to Stay Sober in Tough Situations

Just because you are a recovering addict, it does not mean you have to become a hermit. Holidays such as Halloween will continue to take place and opportunities to party will always follow. The key for a person in recovery is carefully preparing for any social situations that may represent the potential for relapse. Here are some tips to help you:


– Carefully consider invitations and make sure that they are family occasions where alcohol won’t be as widely consumed
– Grab a soda water on arrival and make sure your drink is regularly refreshed so that no-one feels inclined to offer you another
– Engage in conversation with others who are not hovering around the bar area so that you are distracted from alcohol
– Offer your services as a designated driver so that the fact you not drinking isn’t considered unusual
– Take a friend who is not a drinker so that you have a sober companion for the occasion
– Have a backup plan and be prepared to leave if you feel under pressure to join in with the celebrations by drinking
– Avoid events where you know there will be enabling people or those who are still regularly abusing substances


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