Simple Tips for Managing PTSD

Simple Tips for Managing PTSD
Simple Tips for Managing PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a mental health condition caused as a result of witnessing or being involved in a frightening or shocking event or incident. For some people PTSD can be debilitating, preventing them from taking part in their normal daily lives. Although many people think of veterans as suffering from PTSD, it can also affect people from all walks of life who experience a traumatic event. Here we have some tips for managing PTSD:

Mindfulness & Meditation –Finding ways of relaxing is important for a person suffering with PTSD as they are likely to find it incredibly difficult to achieve on their own. Mindfulness practices like meditation encourage people to truly relax by focusing on individual body parts while taking slow and deep breaths. The idea of meditation is to empower people to silence negative internal dialogue to allow them to truly relax.

Physical Exercise –Taking regular exercise has been shown to significantly improve the symptoms of people suffering with PTSD. Brisk walking on a daily basis is sufficient to make a difference to a person’s mental health because it releases endorphins for a “feel-good factor”. Being physically fit also boosts a person’s self-confidence and empowers them to face their challenges with greater ease.

Aromatherapy –Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses essential oils and the sense of smell to help ease the symptoms of PTSD. One of the most characteristic symptoms of PTSD is chronic anxiety which can be greatly improved by using infusions of aromas as a form of therapy. The kind of essential oils used in aromatherapy include lavender, sage, and peppermint, which are all known for their soothing properties.

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