Seniors and Drug Addiction

Seniors and Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction in Seniors


Addiction affects the elderly in two different ways: either people become addicted before the age of 65, (known as early-onset addicts) and those who start using after the age of 65, (late-onset addicts). People who have been abusing substances for a number of years before reaching their mid-sixties are more likely to have developed pronounced physical and mental health issues. This is mainly due to the long-term effects of chronic substance abuse which is inevitable unless an individual seeks professional addiction rehab such as Casa Recovery in Orange County.

Addiction in Older Adults

People who develop late-onset addiction have perhaps as many challenges to face as a person with a long history of substance abuse. Many people feel disconnected from the world around them and invisible to younger generation loved ones when they reach older age. This loss of identity is often exacerbated by retirement and a sense of not giving a significant contribution to society. These feelings can often lead people to using drugs or alcohol in an attempt to make themselves feel better.


It is very normal and natural to develop physical health conditions in later life, which presents an increasing risk of addiction in today’s society. This is largely due to the shocking rise in the number of people becoming addicted to highly potent opiate medications commonly prescribed for chronic conditions. As a person’s physical and mental capacities slow down as part of the aging process, following a course of prescription meds presents challenges. It is not unusual for older people to become unwittingly addicted to prescription medications which carry significant risks including fatal overdose.


The main problem older people face when abusing substances is that they are likely to be much more susceptible to their effects than a younger person. This can heighten the risk of addiction significantly and increase the chance of developing severe substance use disorder unless the individual seeks rehab treatment.

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Casa Recovery offers personalized rehab treatment programs for seniors who are addicted to drugs in Orange County. It is always important to bear in mind that it is possible to recover from addiction, even in the most severe cases. Addiction in older adults can be hugely concerning to close relatives. Contact us now to learn more about how Casa Recovery can help with all types of alcohol and drug addiction treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


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