Removing the Stress from Your Holidays

Removing the Stress from Your Holidays

This time of year when we’re surrounded by wonderful holidays should be the best part of life. But as anybody can tell you, the holidays are often the most stressful few weeks of the year. 

Having to buy gifts on a tight budget, seeing family and friends, and dealing with overeating, more alcohol, and other challenges can make Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years a huge challenge. You or someone you love may feel consumed by stress and losing control.

You can easily feel guilty or sad about having these feelings around favorite holidays. And that stress can make mental health and addiction challenges even more difficult.

Here are some ideas for reducing your stress and regaining emotional and mental control. These help clear your head and refocus your energy.

1. Get some exercise. This is particularly true during the pandemic when many of us are spending lots of time inside. Walk around the block, park on the far end of the supermarket parking lot, take a few laps around the inside of Walmart, and walk your pet or a friend’s pet. Just getting up and moving around releases natural chemicals in your body that refresh your brain, improve your mood, and can greatly reduce stress.

2. Do a few small things that make you feel better. Many people reduce their caffeine intake to one cup or a smaller cup. Light a candle and focus on the aroma and glow. This is particularly good to help you relax before bed. Do so safely. Others like to chew gum while working. A good sugar free brand can give you flavor and relaxing activity while saving your teeth and being low in calories.

3. Write about what troubles you. The simple act of writing in a notebook can work wonders for sorting through problems in life. Write it as you see it. Don’t worry about grammar or anyone ever seeing your notes. This is for you and you alone. Just the act of putting your thoughts on paper can help you see things more clearly. This reduces the stress of not knowing, not understanding, or being confused.

4. Find ways to laugh. Maybe there are TV shows or movies that put you in stitches. Laugh with family and friends. Even just smiling can make a big improvement in your day.

Remember your mental health is important. If you feel stress and other challenges are hard to deal with or things are getting out of control, please contact our office to discuss. We provide a wide range of effective solutions that can improve your life or the life of someone you love.


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