Be Nice to Yourself to Improve Mental Health

Removing the Stress from Your Holidays

It’s often hard to stay positive and healthy during the middle of winter. These are typically cold, dark days with few holidays to brighten things. 

Plus, many of us consumed too much rich food and heavy drink during November and December and are now feeling the effects. It’s easy to feel down, negative, depressed, and a bit too critical of ourselves. 

Add to that a full year of being locked down, sidelined, socially distanced, away from loved ones, not being around friends, and perhaps jobless, under employed, or earning less than usual.

All this can hurt mental health. Addictions and mental health challenges can regress during these more difficult times. People who have had borderline challenges can sink further to possibly require clinical intervention. 

Here are some ideas to help you feel better, be more positive, and improve mental health during the dark, depressing days of winter.

Go easy on yourself. Remember we are all human with our own limitations and talents. Rather than focusing on the things you don’t like, consider your good qualities. 

Stop worrying about weight or focusing on a depressed feeling. Instead, think of the things you love to do, the activities you are good at, and the people you have inspired in your life.

Self criticism has its place, but give that small voice a vacation for a few weeks. Disregard thoughts that you are bad, no good enough, people don’t like you, or how you can’t get the things you want and need from others.

If you don’t like the way you look in the mirror, look the other way when you pass. Find your favorite photo of yourself and think of a fresh, healthy version of you. 

Be generous, positive, and enthusiastic about who you are and your future. A sunny attitude could be the best way to add a bright light to every dark winter day.


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