Dependence on and addiction to prescription painkillers is at epidemic levels in the US today. This is mainly because the kind of painkillers required to treat chronic pain conditions contain opioids, a synthetic version of heroin. Due to the fact that many people are being prescribed highly-addictive medications by their physicians, there is a widespread belief that these drugs are “safe”. In fact, around 60,000 Americans die each year as a result of opiate overdose, many of them starting their journey from using the drug legitimately to treat a medical condition.

Los Angeles Painkiller Abuse on the Rise

Los Angeles is no exception in America in terms of the prescription drug epidemic. CASA Recovery has significant experience of treating addiction to opiates, using the most effective therapies to provide a solid path towards recovery. The kind of people most at risk of opioid addiction are those initially prescribed the drug to treat pain although this is not always the case. Every individual has their own story to tell about how they became dependent on opioids, requiring a unique and personalized treatment plan which specialists at CASA Recovery provide all patients with.

When someone is using opioid-based medications for a condition that takes many weeks to heal, they are at risk of developing “tolerance”. This means that more of the drug is needed to get the same pain-relief achieved when the person started using the meds. At this point, physicians are generally reluctant to increase dosage as they are aware of the potency of opioids. However, once a person has become tolerant to opioids, they will no longer have control over their decision to take the drug. This is because they will start to experience flu-like withdrawal symptoms every time they stop.

CASA Recovery offers you the chance to unravel the complexities of your personal addiction. It is important to identify and address the root causes of substance abuse, which is generally achieved with evidence-based therapies such as CBT. When used in combination with alternative or complementary approaches to rehab, it is possible to heal yourself holistically and without having to rely on another potent substance to manage your symptoms. There are numerous ways recovery from prescription drug abuse can be achieved and in light of how dangerous they are, it is undeniably the best option to enter treatment as soon as possible.

CASA Recovery Treats Addiction in San Juan Capistrano, CA

If you have any concerns about your own use of prescription drugs or that of a loved one, speak to an addiction specialist at CASA Recovery. We offer drug abuse treatment that is delivered in a personalized program that is based on extensive assessment and evaluation. Everyone is different and there is no “one size fits all” approach to healing addiction. Contact us in confidence today and find out more about our customized drug rehabilitation programs in Orange County today.