Music and Mental Health

Music and Mental Health

How Music Can Improve Mental Health


Music therapy is often offered in holistic rehab as a component of a mental health treatment program. Referred to as an experiential treatment, a person engages in musical activities as part of their rehabilitation for illnesses such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. As with all types of mental health treatment, some people respond to music therapy better than others, although there are numerous other options to pursue in these cases.

The Benefits of Music for Mental Health

Music is essentially a non-verbal form of expression. The main benefit to people with mental health conditions is that it allows them an opportunity for self-exploration together with another channel to communicate thoughts and feelings. When a person is being treated for mental illness, they are guided to find the root causes of their condition through experiential therapies such as music as well as individual and group therapy.


Our love of music is primal which is why we are universally drawn to it through a huge variety of genres and styles. The reason we relate to particular songs is because we empathize with the message of the lyrics and also because of the way the melodies resonate on a more emotional level. Even without any music theory training, we can use a variety of traditional instruments to explore self-expression through sound.


Music therapy allows individuals to search themselves for the feelings they want to express with music. Then they can explore various sounds and melodies that they feel best-represent what they want to say. This process is intensely personal and promotes introspection and greater self-awareness. When used as a component of a customized mental health program, music therapy has been shown to be very effective.


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