Listening Skills

Listening Skills
Cultivating Listening Skills

Real listening is a skill that allows you to really understand, learn, enjoy, and help others. It is one of the most important, if not the most essential of all communication skills that help create and preserve intimacy. It is also a crucial skill to learn if you want a speedy and long-term recovery.

In your addiction, you might have heard family and friends telling you to go to rehab, get out of this addiction and more, but you might not have actually listened to what they were saying. If you were, you probably would have heard love and truth that they were speaking to you, rather than condemnation in your addiction. Listening to your family and friends in your rehabilitation will assist in repairing broken relationships, and allowing everyone to heal from the addiction.

When in rehab here at Casa Recovery, there are many opportunities to listen, to both yourself, and the people around you. Some type of listening include:

– Attentive listening- Actively listening to the people around you, including other rehab patients and the staff that is working with you, shows you are giving your full attention. By listening to your fellow patients, you can get insight into addiction and rehab like you have never heard before from people that have gone through/are going through it. By listening to the staff that is helping you, you can hear solid truth spoken into your life, both in who you are as a person and in ways you can truly live a sober life.

– Reflective listening- Reflective listening involves listening and responding to the person in which is speaking. So, for patients around you, it’s listening to what they are saying and then showing them you truly understand what they said, and for staff and family around you, it’s listening to what they are saying and internally processing through it to then show that you are understanding.

There are many different types of skills that go into listening and listening well, and we can help you strengthen those here at Casa Recovery. Contact us today to learn more and to hear about how rehab can look for you.

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