Emotional Baggage

Emotional Baggage
Dealing with Emotional Baggage

At Casa Recovery, you will also be given the opportunity to address all your emotional baggage that too often prevent successful recovery from addiction. Here, you can deal with your life issues and emotional baggage in a supportive, safe, and caring environment with highly qualified and compassionate professionals.

Emotional baggage is something that, when not properly addressed, can weigh you down in your addiction recovery greatly. Whether the baggage is from emotional abuse, familial abuse, relationship abuse, or anything in between, it can stunt any growth when not properly dealt with, including growth through your substance addiction.

Moving on means moving forward, and our capable staff here at Casa Recovery can help you in that fight. There are many techniques in letting go of emotional baggage, including:

– Positively affirming what is true and life-giving in your world, rather than focusing on past hurts and pains.

– Reframing our reality by lessening the baggage’s hold on the life you are currently leading.

– Embrace the entirety of the baggage, and don’t just leave out the most hurtful parts. You’ve got to identify and work through every piece of it, or it can come back and hurt you in the future.

These tactics are easier said than done by yourself, which is why another technique of letting go of emotional baggage is getting a team along-side you to work through what is weighing you down. We here at Casa Recovery would come along-side you as part of your treatment plan to help your whole self, not just the physical manifestation of your addiction. More than likely, your emotional baggage has aided and abetted your addiction, and we will work through what we need to in order to help you into your rightful sober life. Contact us today to learn more and to start your process.

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