Some say that the hardest part of Rehab and Recovery is getting there, however what is either equal or a close second to that is leaving treatment and going back into the world. The triggers and problems that were faced before Rehab are still there, however hopefully after your time with us here at Casa Recovery, you are better equipped to handle them in a healthy way. Here are some tips and ideas of how to successfully transition out of Rehab and back into “normal” life:

Identify and Connect with a New Support System

You more than likely created some good relationships while in rehab and recovery. Some of these might have been with fellow patients, some might be with management and staff. When exiting rehab, taking inventory of these relationships is key to identify and understand who you can rely on when you are triggered or tested in the outside world. Also seeking out a strong support system if you don’t have the one you are looking for is important too, whether that comes in the form of a therapist, family, friends, or professionals.

Fill Your Time with Healthy Hobbies

When exiting rehab, you might find that you have more free time than you’ve had in the past. That free time is time you probably spent doing drugs or drinking alcohol, prior to your time in rehab. Don’t fall back into those old habits/hangouts- try new things to figure out what healthy hobbies you truly enjoy and could put time into and do them. Don’t stick with a hobby that doesn’t excite you and be in dynamic search of those that do. This will help you spend time doing life-giving things, rather than life-sucking actions.

Keep A Positive Mindset

We tend to be the hardest on ourselves, but when you are entering the world again after rehab, you need to be your biggest champion. Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down and keep thinking positively by surrounding yourself with people who will champion you to success.

Let Casa Recovery Help You Transition Successfully out of Rehab

We understand that going from Rehab into a Sober Life is a big transition, and we at Casa Recovery want to help you make that transition successfully. Contact our staff today to hear about our programs, ranging from in-patient to out-patient options. We look forward to getting you on your journey to sobriety today.


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