How Drugs Affect Your Job


Whatever your job involves, if you are at the mercy of a drug misuse problem, your performance will suffer and you will find it increasingly difficult to hold it together. You will know you are addicted if you find yourself making poor judgments or mistakes due to your consumption of a substance but you feel compelled to continue take them anyway.

How do Drugs have a Negative Impact on Jobs?

You can’t do a good job if you are preoccupied with getting and using the drug or you are suffering the after effects of substance use. Time-keeping could become an issue if your sleep patterns are affected. You may find yourself making excuses for your lateness or you may even miss days due to not being in good enough shape to show up. If your work is manual, your physical coordination is likely to be affected because of drug abuse; if your work involves interacting with the general public, your demeanor may not come across well; if you are working with ideas, your thinking may not be clear and focused. Whatever the effects of drug misuse, you are at risk of underperforming and may face disciplinary procedures or even dismissal.

Health care workers, paramedics and police officers need a level of focus which is a matter of life or death. If your job involves you dealing with the public and they are dependent on you in some way, impaired performance through drug use could have very severe consequences. Drug use is not ‘at your own risk’ in this case. Also consider how important financial security is to you. You need your job!

Some jobs involve a party culture where it may be considered OK to partake of a substance which may even be considered as a performance enhancer-cocaine being one the more common of these. This is never the case but it may seem so and it may be hard to resist the pressure to join in. In the longer term this will not serve the purpose of helping you up the career ladder or achieving that goal of promotion.

Get Help for Drug Addiction in Orange County

If you have become a victim of drug addiction and are concerned that it is affecting your work, you can get help. You can take steps towards a stable, rewarding future by achieving sobriety. At Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano CA, we can help you into recovery with a program designed to meet your individual needs. You will feel healthier, more focused and more productive. Our motivational program will inspire you to be the best person you can and you can be confident that you will bring the best of your skills to the workplace. We will also equip you with the necessary tools to help you recognize triggers and you will learn how to politely turn down offers of substances in order to remain sober. You can turn it around! Contact us today.


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