How Culture Affects Addiction

How Culture Affects Addiction

Understanding the Role Culture and Religion Can Play in Addiction


As a person’s environment has been known to affect addiction, it is no surprise that culture or religion has a distinct effect on people struggling with substance abuse, particularly in terms of getting treatment. Different religious or cultural belief systems can include attitudes towards alcohol and drugs that prohibit users from seeking help for fear of being harshly judged. Culture and religion flow through the generations and it is not always easy to break the ties that bind you to others sharing the same beliefs.

Understanding how Culture Affects Addiction

Depending on the culture, there may be different attitudes towards using substances. Some may accept social drinking among males but not females and others will prohibit drinking altogether. The main factor in cultural beliefs is that they do not necessarily change with the times. This can be a problem, particularly for younger generations growing up in those belief systems.


When a person is struggling with addiction, they very often become withdrawn from others. This is mainly because they feel they will be misunderstood or harshly judged. This presents a barrier to them reaching out and getting the help they need. It is important to remember that rehab centers such as Casa Recovery does not subscribe to any particular religion or culture and help can be freely obtained, even in complete confidence.


Stigma and shame plays a big part in a person remaining addicted which can ultimately be even more detrimental to their health. Knowing it is possible to reach out for help outside of their culture can make a big difference. Self-acceptance is essential before a person is ready to receive treatment regardless of their cultural, ethnic or religious background.


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