Helping a Loved One Addicted to Sleeping Pills

Helping a Loved One Addicted to Sleeping Pills

Helping a Loved One Addicted to Sleeping Pills


Sleeping pills such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata are classified as sedative hypnotics and when used appropriately and in the short term help tackle insomnia and other sleep disorders. You don’t think of sleeping pills when you think of addiction but the properties of these drugs make them prone to abuse, and is a growing problem in America. As they are meant only as a short term solution to a sleeping problem, you may find that you need to up the dosage prescribed by a practitioner. If you continue to use them in the longer term, this increases your tolerance and leaves you more vulnerable to addiction as you may feel you cannot quit taking them. Casa Recovery can help you if you’ve realized you’ve developed an addiction to them – come talk to our addiction team to learn more.


What are the Signs of Sleeping Pill Addiction?


If you suspect a loved one is addicted to sleeping pills you may have noticed the following signs; using the pill every time they want to fall asleep, needing to take more of the drug to feel its effect, taking a higher dosage without the advice of a doctor, failed attempts at quitting, craving the drug and in some cases taking the drug, then staying awake to feel the effects recreationally.


Fighting the effects of a sleeping pill to send you to sleep can cause hallucinations among other disorientating consequences. People place themselves and others in danger as they may still be active but not in complete control of their behavior. Sleep driving is a particularly dangerous example. Memory can be impaired and the effects can last into the next day. Sleeping pills are particularly dangerous if combined with other drugs or alcohol.


It can be difficult to spot the signs of sleeping pill addiction but as with any addictive behavior you will notice changes. Addiction means that life often revolves around obtaining and using the substance; there may be secrecy, lies, and uncharacteristic behavior. Realization that a loved one is addicted can be upsetting but it helps to remember that your loved one is ill and not a bad person.


Get your Loved One to Addiction Treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA


Your loved one may want to quit but be unable to without help. Finding the right recovery program for them may be a good starting point for a discussion. Here at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA, our staff can help you find the best approach for getting your loved one to begin their recovery from drug addiction. In a caring professional environment we can offer a program to meet their individual needs. We are here to support you with the issues raised by communicating with an addict and can help you tackle the necessary conversations. Contact us today, we can help.


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