Healthy Communication During Recovery

Healthy Communication During Recovery

Understanding the Importance of Healthy Communication


When people are struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse, they tend to withdraw from the people close to them. This can be for many reasons including, fear of being misunderstood, denial of there being a problem or just to avoid confrontation. For this reason, many of the components of most rehab programs include an element of discussion. Whether this is in individual or group therapy, sessions are designed to equip addicts with better communication skills to help with their recovery.


How Communication Aids in Recovery

When someone is at the point in their addiction journey where they have decided to commit to treatment, their lives are on the verge of significant change. This is mainly because of the time it takes for addiction to develop and how many addict’s lives may have changed dramatically as a consequence. These lifestyle changes are generally directed by the person’s substance abuse. They will tend to keep company of people also using in places where substance abuse is ‘acceptable’.


Fundamental change is vital for a person to overcome the negative impacts of an addicted lifestyle. This means they will have to mix with different people and hang out in different places when they return home after treatment. For this reason, it is crucial to identify the individual’s personal interests and beliefs in order to find a recovery route that is most appropriate for them. This can only be achieved through honest and open communication..


Opening up is valuable for all of us and prevents us from internalizing difficult or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. During recovery from addiction, it is very possible for a person to relapse as a result of a particularly stressful event or set of circumstances. Individual or group therapy provides an effective platform for open communication which can be continued in recovery by joining one of the many support groups available.


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