Deciding to go to rehab is a big life step. Once you have made up your mind where to go, you’re still left with plenty of unanswered questions. There are so many unknowns left hanging over your head. We here at Casa Recovery are here to help set your mind at ease and make you feel better about the whole process.

Casa Recovery knows that choosing to go to rehab for alcohol addiction is a big step that comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Check out the links provided in the answers below to give you some much-needed information and make you feel more comfortable about choosing Casa Recovery for your recovery.

Does Casa Recovery offer alcohol or drug detox services?

While Casa Recovery doesn’t offer in-house detoxing at our location, we work with plenty of licensed detox centers to help you start your recovery alcohol-free. Please feel free to contact us or call our hotline for more information on detox programs at 888-928-2272.

What should I expect at Casa Recovery?

Check out our schedule to see what a day at Casa Recovery would be like. We offer lots of activities in our treatment programs to make it a comfortable and enjoyable process for everyone. Still have a few questions? Contact us today and we would love to answer any personalized questions you may have for us.

What is the admissions process at Casa Recovery?

Casa Recovery has a team of credentialed staff ready to help you the second you make the decision to start your recovery. The first step is to contact us with any further questions you have, as well as complete an initial assessment. Check out our admissions process for all of the details to prepare you for admission to Casa Recovery.

How do I know if Casa Recovery is right for me?

We encourage you to reach out to us at our hotline 888-928-2272 with any questions or concerns. You may also fill out a brief form to request more information. Check out our testimonials to see what people are saying after coming to Casa Recovery as well.

How can I learn more about Casa Recovery?

Check out our blog for more information and news about alcohol addiction. Contact us and set up a tour of Casa Recovery before coming to stay. We would love to meet you and show you around. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can be a part of your success story.

What’s the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment?

Inpatient is when you check in to a rehab center and commit your life 100% to treating your addiction. You stop everything else and just focus on getting better during inpatient treatment because you live there full-time. Outpatient treatment is when you live outside of the treatment center but return for counseling, group meetings, and rehabilitation programs.

Both programs can be effective when looking specifically at the client the program is for, and both are offered through Casa Recovery.

Can I go to Casa Recovery if I’m from out of state?

Yes! Everyone from states near and far is welcome. Check out our information related to drug and alcohol abuse in your state to learn more.

How do I know what to bring to Rehab?

We compiled a list so you know what to bring to make your experience more comfortable. Check out our do’s and don’ts of what to bring!

What kinds of programs are offered at Casa Recovery?

Casa Recovery offers programs for both alcohol and drug addiction. We have differing levels of care, as well. Check out everything we have to offer at Casa Recovery and start your recovery journey today!

Where can I learn more about specific drugs and their treatments?

Drug addiction is a huge epidemic throughout the United States. At Casa Recovery, we want to help you to leave drugs in the past and start over. If you would like to learn more about individualized drugs and their treatments, click through our Drug Addiction Program page. There we provide more information on specific drugs, their effects, and how to treat them.

Where do I start?

You’re in the right place! Read through our frequently asked questions to become more comfortable and read through the listed links to learn more about rehab before coming to Casa Recovery. We also have specific pages for Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Rehab and Frequently Asked Questions about Alcohol Rehab, dependent on what you need.


Our Care Team is Ready to Answer Any Questions.

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