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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Treating Dual Diagnosis


Dual-diagnosis refers to a person who is suffering two mental or physical health conditions at the same time. Dual-diagnoses patients are very common in the area of mental health as one condition often aggravates or triggers the other in a vicious cycle. Unless a person receives specialist dual-diagnosis treatment, both conditions will continue to worsen as they are left to essentially “feed” off each other.

How is Dual-Diagnosis Treated?

A common example of dual-diagnosis is someone who suffers from both addiction and depression or anxiety as there is a very strong correlation between the two. However, from a treatment perspective, it is not enough to identify two conditions; rather it needs to be identified which one came first. In terms of substance abuse, there are two routes to becoming a dual-diagnosis patient:

  • You started to use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate the symptoms of a mental health condition such as depression; or
  • You developed anxiety or depression as a direct result of substance abuse as it very often triggers other conditions

The way CASA Recovery identifies the specific issues a dual-diagnosis person faces is by comprehensive evaluation and assessment. The most effective treatment path is recognized as addressing both health conditions separately but at the same time. This is due to the relationship between the two conditions and the fact that they are very likely to continue to drive one another without intervention.


Get Help for Dual-Diagnosis at CASA Recovery

CASA Recovery offers customized mental health programs that address both health conditions in dual-diagnosis cases. Our top mental health treatment center in Orange County offers a tranquil environment where you can focus on getting better. We offer treatment programs that are fully tailored to your specific needs. Find out more about treating dual-diagnosis by contacting CASA Recovery in confidence today.


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