Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment for Addicts in Los Angeles, CA

Drug and alcohol addiction has hit record highs across the entire country, with a large presence of that addiction here in Los Angeles, CA. Drug and alcohol addiction can change us for the worse with serious consequences, and finding and staying at a treatment center that can help you out of your addiction is pivotal for your life.

Why am I Hooked on Drugs and Alcohol?

We are psychologically hard-wired to seek reward; it is part of our survival instinct. If something feels good, you will probably want to do it again. Our brains operate under a natural system that ensures that if we are hungry and we eat, we feel better. This same system becomes hijacked when we use drugs or alcohol. After a while of continued use, the synapses in the brain need you to consume alcohol or a drug, the neurological reward system has adapted to the chemical change.

This is reflected in a person constantly thinking about the substance or alcohol and adapting their lifestyle in order to consume it, by any means necessary. Unfortunately what was enjoyable initially now requires a larger amount of the substance in order to just feel OK never mind feeling good and this is where overdose becomes a danger. Also when a person stops taking the drug or drinking alcohol the level of the feel-good chemical in the brain drops dramatically and the person feels very bad, so they continue.

The euphoric feeling brought on by drug or alcohol use is what drives people to do it. However, dependence occurs when life revolves entirely around-consuming drugs or alcohol to the detriment of personal health and safety and personal relationships. Work or studies suffer, trouble with the law can occur, and before you know it life has spiraled out of control.

All is not lost- Choose Addiction Rehab in Southern California at Casa Recovery

If you think you have a problem with drug abuse in Los Angeles and you need drug addiction treatment, come to our Southern California rehab center. At Casa Recovery we understand how easy it is to fall into addiction and we address the underlying issues while arming you with coping techniques and teach you ways to live without being a slave to a substance or alcohol. If you have an issue with alcohol abuse in Los Angeles, our personalized program of alcohol addiction treatment will help you adapt and adjust to a life of sobriety. Our counselors and therapists will ensure that your Southern California recovery is a rewarding experience. Free yourself from addiction. Contact us now, we can show you another way.