Drug Abuse Treatment Options

Drug Abuse Treatment Options

Drug addiction is a chronic illness that is characterized by compulsive behaviors beyond the control of the individual. Prolonged drug abuse causes harmful changes to a person’s brain chemistry, which can be long-lasting. It is this change in the brain that drives the negative behaviors associated with drug addiction including risk-taking such as driving under the influence. Addiction is a relapsing disease which means a person can return to drug abuse even years after completing a rehab program.


The Treatment Options Available for Drug Addiction

Addiction treatment is intended to prepare individuals for a fulfilling life in recovery. The first step in all rehab programs is detox, the process by which toxins accumulated from drug abuse are expelled from the body. Although detox is not a pleasant experience, it is made much more comfortable when supervised throughout in a specialist center. Once detox has been completed, it is then possible for you to enter the rehab phase of treatment.


Some of the options for treatment of drug addiction include the following:


There are many different components of care used in drug abuse treatment programs. The most effective programs such as those offered by CASA Recovery are tailored to the individual’s needs to maximize efficacy.

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