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Depression Treatment in Orange County
Find Treatment for Depression in Orange County, CA

Depression is an increasingly common mental illness that affects millions of Americans every year. As a chronic illness, depression is not something that can be overcome overnight. CASA Recovery offers specialist mental health treatment that is focused on helping individuals cope successfully with depression in their daily lives. Here we take a closer look at depression as an illness and mental health treatment in Southern California.

Get Help for Depression in Orange County

Depression is more than just a temporary state of mind or a feeling of being “down.” It is also not something a person can “snap out of,” making it difficult for others to understand. Although there is a connection, there is no stereotypical person who is likely to develop depression. Even people who others consider to have everything can fall victim to this sometimes devastating illness.


The main challenge a person has when they have a mental health condition like depression is that others can’t see their suffering. Because of the widespread misunderstanding of depression, people overlook the fact that the negative thought processes driving the illness are not voluntary. Some people with depression describe it as having the lights switched off in their world, making it impossible to see beyond their desperation.


The dangers of depression are significant. There is a strong correlation between depression and substance abuse as people find themselves self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. Depression also carries a risk of accident or injury, sometimes fatal, as a result of suicidal thoughts that are symptomatic of the illness. However, there are now numerous treatment paths people can follow to overcome depression including personalized mental health treatment programs at CASA Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

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Overcoming depression requires the help of specialist therapists such as our team at CASA Recovery. We help you identify the negative thought processes that drive your depression and help you find ways of changing the way you feel. We also arm you with effective tools to cope with depression so that you can find your own way to a healthy and happy recovery. If you would like to know more about our mental health treatment center in Orange County, CA, contact us in confidence today.

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