Common Mental Health Disorders in Young Adults

Common Mental Health Disorders in Young Adults

Mental Health Issues that Young Adults Can Face


The period of a person’s life when they transition to become a young adult can be an emotional rollercoaster for many. Long after puberty, early adulthood is still marked with emotional, physical and mental changes that can be challenging. It is not surprising then that during this vulnerable period of life that mental health disorders can start to emerge. Here we take look at the most common symptoms of an emerging mental health disorder in young adults.

Understanding Mental Health Issues in Young Adults

Most of us know that young adults can be moody even if they aren’t influenced by a mental illness. We all experience this part of growing up, when it can seem like the world is ending one day and everything is wonderful the next.


However, the following indicators often reveal a deeper reason for a young person’s behavior:

  • Negative moods persist for longer periods of time than a few days
  • Becoming withdrawn from friends and family
  • Persistent anger or depression
  • Changes in appetite leading to sudden weight loss or gain

Because the brain continues to develop until our early 20s, young people are much more vulnerable to mental health conditions than older people. However, keeping a close eye on their behavior and noticing any symptoms of a mental illness is more likely to get them the help they need much sooner.


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