5 Tips on How to Stay Sober This Thanksgiving

The holidays are just around the corner, meaning people will be frequently gathering to share in festivities, laughs, and, of course, a few drinks. This is especially true on Thanksgiving, when everyone indulges in food and drinks. But drinking doesn’t have to make a great holiday. Here are five things you can do to enjoy this upcoming Thanksgiving while staying sober:

1. Choose your parties carefully—or throw your own

It’s possible that you’ll be invited to more than one Thanksgiving party, in which case you should pick the one you know you’ll be most comfortable at. If you know one group has plans to drink the night away, avoid that party. Instead, choose to enjoy a sober party – or choose to enjoy the company of people who understand your sobriety and will not pressure you into drinking. If you feel that you won’t be comfortable at any of the parties you’ve been invited to, then why not throw your own party? That way you can control the activities and have fun with fellow sober companions.

2. Have a beverage with you at all times

This is particularly true for parties with tons of people or parties with people who might not know of your sobriety. Having your own drink already in hand will prevent people from handing you a drink, pouring you alcohol, or encouraging you to drink with them. Plus, you won’t have to worry about mistakenly picking up someone else’s drink and accidentally consuming alcohol.

3. Keep support close at hand

Inform people close to you about your party plans. If you have a sponsor, support group, or sober friends, let them know about your party plans. Discuss with them the problems you may face during the party. Request a friend or family member to be available for you to call in case you need help at the party. Or, bring a sober date with you so you have constant support throughout the night.

4. Be the designated driver

If you do want to go to a Thanksgiving party where alcohol will be served, then go with friends who understand your sobriety. You can further motivate yourself not to drink by offering to be their designated driver. When given the responsibility of keeping your friends safe, you’ll be able to focus on remaining sober.

5. Engage in other fulfilling activities

Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to attend a Thanksgiving dinner party. If you feel that attending a party isn’t a safe choice, then spend your time doing other fulfilling activities. There are likely sober Thanksgiving events you can find in your area. If you have a support group, ask them if there any events or if they’d like to make plans. Volunteering is a great way to keep yourself occupied while doing good for your community. Soup kitchens and homeless shelters often need extra help during Thanksgiving. Volunteer with them to keep yourself away from alcohol and to have a gratifying experience.

Don’t let Thanksgiving be the day you relapse. With your hard work and perseverance, you can have fun and truly celebrate this holiday season. The team at Casa Recovery can help you make this Thanksgiving enjoyable. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, apply today for treatment programs at our Orange County addiction rehabilitation center. Contact us today or visit us in San Juan Capistrano, CA!