Young Adults/Professionals and Mental Illness

Young Adults/Professionals and Mental Illness
Young Adults/Professionals and Mental Illness


Mental health issues can be more pronounced in a younger person, mainly because the human brain continues to develop until the age of 25. It is also more challenging sometimes for a younger person to reach out for help as they may not even be aware they have a problem at all. According to research, around 80% of college students and young professionals feel overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities. Unfortunately, unless they have an avenue leading them to professional help, their depression, anxiety or any other mental illness is likely to get worse.


Helping Young Professionals with Mental Illness


One of the most important ways of helping a young person who seems to be struggling with life is to be a listening ear. It is very easy to dismiss a youngster’s concerns about their work load by putting it down to laziness or that they’ve somehow been molly-coddled to a stage where they can’t deal with reality. However, when a person has the courage to speak out about their concerns and are met with any kind of rebuttal, it can trigger their condition to become even worse.


There is really only one way to effectively help a young professional or student with a mental illness and that is to get them professional help. Because mental illnesses like PTSD and depression take a while to develop, it can take even longer – sometimes a lifetime – to fully recover from them. That said, there are numerous treatment paths available to people of all ages dealing with mental illness, such as those offered at Casa Recovery in Southern California.


An important component of all types of Casa Recovery’s mental illness treatment in San Juan Capistrano is individual and group therapy. This is because the value of the discussion is important in treating all types of mental illness. People often feel there are obstacles to them getting help because others won’t understand them, particularly younger people who are starting out in life. Talking things through with a qualified therapist enables young people to find ways of coping with their illness, with full support encouraged from friends and loved ones.


Get Help for Mental Illness at Casa Recovery in Southern California


Casa Recovery offers mental illness treatment for all types of conditions affecting people of all ages. We understand the challenges younger people with mental illness face and are here to offer help and support. To find out more about mental illness treatment in San Juan Capistrano, contact Casa Recovery for a consultation today.


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