Why Do a 90-Day Mental Health Treatment Program

Why Do a 90-Day Mental Health Treatment Program
Why Do a 90-Day Mental Health Treatment Program

Many people requiring mental health treatment are struggling with substance abuse issues also. Addiction is a type of mental illness that is often accompanied by another and when people have two co-existing health conditions, they are known as dual-diagnosis. Some people become addicted to substances as a result of using to relieve the symptoms of mental illness. On the other hand, others develop the symptoms of a mental illness as a direct consequence of substance abuse. In both cases, a 90-day residential treatment program offers them the best chances of long-term recovery.

The Pros of 90-Day Mental Health Treatment Programs

Residential mental health treatment which lasts for 90-days has been shown to promote long-term recovery at higher rates than shorter programs. This is because patients are immersed in a healing environment for a long period of time, which allows them to fully address all the underlying issues driving their illness. Longer rehab programs are generally better for people who have tried and failed to quit using substance before or who have relapsed several times after treatment.

The first phase of mental health treatment where there are substance abuse issues is detox. A 90-day program gives patients plenty of time to overcome withdrawal at a slower pace than shorter programs. Depending on what substances have been used and for how long, withdrawal symptoms can be severe and can persist for many weeks after detox. A 90-day program ensures patients have enough time to completely detox their bodies from the accumulated toxins of substance abuse.

Addiction and mental illnesses are different for every individual who suffers. It is important that a treatment program works with the individual’s unique situation to find the best recovery route. A 90-day program involves intensive therapy and counseling sessions that are invaluable in promoting long-term recovery.

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People who deal with mental illness often find themselves isolated from others. This may because they feel misunderstood or frightened. Casa Recovery offers a healing environment where clients can find their own route to recovery from mental illness with a 90-day mental health treatment program. If you require mental health treatment in Southern California, contact Casa Recovery in Orange County today.


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