Why Do a 30-Day Mental Health Treatment Program

Why Do a 30-Day Mental Health Treatment Program
Why Do a 30-Day Mental Health Treatment Program

Many people have mental health issues they deal with on a daily basis although it they may not appear to others to have any problems at all. Mental illness often develops over a prolonged period of time so that the sufferer feels the way they feel is “normal” and they can sometimes avoid diagnosis as a result. Due to the fact that mental illnesses do not develop overnight, treatment takes a while and often continues for the rest of the individual’s lifetime.

The Pros of 30-Day Mental Health Treatment

Living with a long-term mental health condition can be frightening for many sufferers, particularly if they have just been diagnosed. One of the first things they will learn as part of their rehabilitation is that they will need to get better at their own pace. Everyone has a different experience of addiction and there are no two people the same and so it makes sense that a treatment program should reflect each person’s unique needs.

A 30-day mental health treatment program allows enough time for a diagnosis of individual patients and to devise the correct approach to achieving recovery. One of the biggest components of a 30-day program is individual therapy and counseling which helps to identify the root causes of mental illness. Identifying the issues underlying mental illness allows the individual to address unresolved problems and find a way of overcoming their symptoms.

Many 30-day mental health treatment programs have a component of behavioral therapy such as CBT. This is an evidence-based therapy that has been shown to benefit patients with mental illnesses such as panic disorder, depression, PTSD and anxiety. Behavioral therapies seek to alter the negative thought processes driving mental illness and making changes to eliminate them.

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