Detox seems, to someone who has never gone through it, as a scary and intimidating experience. However, detox isn’t designed to hurt you, but to eliminate what hurts you. What to expect in detox greatly varies on the individual that is going through the detox. There are many factors that go into what effects detox, including:

– The individual’s overall health

– The amount of substance that was abused regularly

– The amount of time of the abuse (weeks, months, years?)

– The detox plan/method of detox and where the detox occurs

Even taking these previous factors into account, there are a few expectations of detox that most addicts experience, including:

– Discomfort- While for most people it’s not the worst experience of their lives, you are depriving your body of something it is used to, and the symptoms of that could be uncomfortable to deal with.

– Anxiety- Anxiety can come from many factors, including- physical discomfort, being in a new place, being around new people, and not having access to old comforts.

– Fatigue- You will more than likely be exhausted, and your body will be thrown out of whack based on the fact you are losing what you are used to and aren’t following the same patterns as before.

– Irritability- Whether you go into detox voluntarily or involuntarily, you more than likely will hit a point where you are frustrated and irritable against the people that are trying to help you, including staff and family/friends, if present.

These are just a few of the factors that can come up in detox, but there are many others including nausea, headaches, shaking, insomnia, and more. This is why it is so important to find a capable and knowledgeable recovery center, like Casa Recovery that can direct you to a licensed detox center. We want to help you get through detox effectively and safely, so contact us today to learn more.

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