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What to Bring

You might be wondering what you can bring into sober living. We here at CASA Recovery want you to feel as informed and prepared as possible and have put together this list of items with your safety, privacy, and well-being in mind. If you aren’t sure if you can bring in a certain item, you may call us to ask.

Pack Clothing for the Proper Season

Pack enough season-appropriate clothes for at least two weeks. It’s a good idea to bring both indoor and outdoor clothing (as you will sometimes take part in outdoor activities). You should also bring a set of job search clothes and a bathing suit. Sober living facilities provide laundry facilities, so you can wash your clothes if you run out.

Clothing Necessities:

• Casual clothes

• Socks (several pairs)

• A jacket, sweatshirt, or heavy sweater

• Sweats

• Bathrobe

• Pajamas

• Walking shoes or tennis shoes

• Slippers

Bring Hygiene Items to Make You Comfortable

Having everything you use day to day in terms of hygiene will help you fall into a healthy rhythm. While they might not seem extremely important, having these comforts will make you as comfortable as possible, and will help you integrate successfully into your sober living home.

Personal hygiene articles:

• Deodorant

• Bath soap

• Shampoo

• Toothpaste and toothbrush

• Razors

• Tampons

Bring Healthy Comforts from Home

We all have those items that remind us of home. Whether it’s a book, picture, stuffed animal or anything in between, having these items reminds us of what we are leaving behind and what we can look forward going back to. While we don’t recommend bringing every single memento or trinket that reminds you of past better times, having a few key items will help you make your sober living home feel home-y even faster. Other than sentimental items, there are important other items that would be a bummer to forget, especially with being gone for an extended period.

Other Important Items:

• Prescriptions for any approved medications

• Your birth certificate, your driver’s license, or your social security card

• Blow dryer or curling iron

• Portable music player

• Cigarettes (or some money for cigarettes)

• Multivitamins (strictly one nationally-recognized brand)

• Stuffed animals

• Watch

• Alarm clock

• Sunglasses

• Personal diary, books, address book, stationery

Have Questions on What to Bring to Rehab? Contact us at CASA Recovery

Our intake specialists can help you determine exactly what you should and should not bring to rehab here at CASA Recovery in Southern California. Contact us today to learn more and to get all of your questions answered- we look forward to assisting you on the road to getting your life back from your drug and/or alcohol addiction, today.

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