What Is Post-Acute Withdrawal?

What Is Post-Acute Withdrawal?

Understanding the Basics of Post-Acute Withdrawal


Withdrawal is when the body reacts to not receiving expected stimulus from drugs or alcohol. In other words, it is a stage you go through when you first quit using. The way addiction works is that the body becomes dependent on a substance after continued use, with withdrawal symptoms emerging when the effects wear off. Generally speaking, the way to reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms is to use again. The result is a negative pattern of substance abuse followed by withdrawal and further use to reduce the symptoms.

Symptoms of Post-Acute Withdrawal

Withdrawal has two stages: the initial acute stage lasting a few weeks at the most with physical symptoms, and the post-acute stage, which is characterized by more emotional and psychological symptoms. The second stage of withdrawal is known as Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS. During this stage, the brain begins to repair from the damage done by substance abuse and slowly regains chemical balance.


The symptoms of PAWS include the following:


• Irritability and agitation

• Mood swings

• Anxiety and depression

• Lethargy, lack of energy

• Poor motivation

• Interrupted sleep


Post-acute withdrawal can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Many people consider therapy during this time to be of considerable value. The brain is the last organ to truly recover from the effects of substance abuse and therapy can help people cope with the changes as they occur.


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