What Are The Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a serious issue in the United States. Alcohol abuse leads to a variety of health issues and causes more than 3 million deaths each year. With treatment and rehabilitation, an alcoholic can recover and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

It is important to note that alcoholics can be high-functioning. They may have a family, a job, and friends. They might not even realize that they are an alcoholic until something goes wrong in their life because of it. This article will go over all of the signs of a high-functioning alcoholic. 

What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

A high-functioning alcoholic (HFA) is someone who has been drinking excessively for years but still manages to maintain their professional and social life without any major problems. They may have a successful career and relationships, but they also have an addiction that they are struggling with on the inside.

An HFA may be able to keep their alcoholism under control for years before it starts affecting their work or relationships in any major way. When this happens, they may need help from friends and family or professional treatment services in order to get back on track.

What are the Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic?

The signs of a high-functioning alcoholic are not always easy to spot. They are often able to maintain their professional lives while drinking heavily in their spare time. High-functioning alcoholics can feel like they have it all together and that nothing is wrong with them.

There are many signs of a high-functioning alcoholic, and some of them include:

  • Drinking alcohol in the morning or on a weekday
  • Drinking alone, or just with one other person
  • Drinking when they’re feeling down or stressed out, instead of looking for other ways to cope
  • Drinking more than five drinks at one time
  • Having blackouts and memory loss from drinking
  • They have a hard time stopping once they start drinking
  • They drink even when they know it will cause problems in their life
  • When they do drink, they don’t get drunk easily and can control themselves.

How to Help a High Functioning Alcoholic

There are many different ways to help someone who is struggling with alcoholism. One of the most important things that you can do is to be supportive and understanding.

One of the hardest parts about helping someone with alcoholism is that they may not want your help, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

The next step in helping an alcoholic is to get them into treatment. There are many different types of treatment programs available, so it’s important to find one that will work for your loved one and their needs.

Recover from High-Functioning Alcoholism at Casa Recovery

Casa Recovery is a rehab facility that offers an innovative treatment program for people who are high-functioning alcoholics. The idea behind the program is to offer a recovery option that will make it easier for high-functioning alcoholics to get sober and stay sober. This treatment option aims to help people with careers, children, families, and other responsibilities navigate the challenges of addiction.

The treatment programs at Casa Recovery include individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and more. The focus is on establishing healthy habits and coping skills so that people can live a better life after they leave the facility.

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