Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts During Recovery

Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts During Recovery

Aid Your Recovery by Avoiding Negative Thoughts


Negative thoughts and feelings are generally the drivers of addictive behavior. They can also be the reason people become addicted in the first place. Whatever the situation, it is vital to overcome negative thinking as part of a healthy recovery from substance abuse. Here we take a closer look at different ways you can help eliminate negative thoughts and feelings in your recovery journey.

Avoiding Negative Thoughts during Recovery

Here are some ways it is possible to overcome negative thought processes:


1. Acknowledging the thoughts – It is always important to recognize the thoughts and feelings that lead to you using drugs or alcohol. This requires a certain amount of introspection, which is often better with the help of a professional therapist. Noting the environment, the people and any other factors present when you have negative thoughts can help to understand them better.


2. Talk to the thought – When you are having a negative thought, it is beneficial to say “STOP” aloud. This helps to switch the brain from internal thinking to external expression and kind of ‘interrupts’ the negative thought. It also helps to remind you that you are the one in control of how you think and feel.


3. Talk to someone you trust – Communicating with others in always invaluable for recovering addicts, particularly when it comes to talking through negative feelings. It also helps to improve your self-awareness by expressing your thoughts out loud to a trusted friend or loved one. Talking it out is another mechanism for gaining control in recovery.


4. Practice Mindfulness – Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation helps people to have more positive responses to negative situations. This can include thought processes. By simply sitting quietly and using all your senses to recall a happy memory or beautiful location, you can promote a more positive frame of mind.

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