Addiction is an illness that affects sufferers in very different ways. Some may not have severe addiction to drugs or alcohol, requiring just a short treatment program on an outpatient basis, whereas others need more intensive care to overcome the disease. For those people combating addiction who have either left residential rehab or are unable to remain at home due to difficult or enabling circumstances; addiction treatment residency housing can be enormously beneficial.

What is Luxury Addiction Treatment Accommodation?

Known commonly as sober living homes, the upscale equivalent provides luxury accommodation to patients leaving rehab or receiving treatment for addiction. Research shows that people opting for sober accommodation when they leave rehab have more chance of long-term recovery and less chance of relapse. Addiction treatment accommodation provides a substance-free environment where people can rebuild their lives and overcome their illness.

There are usually strict rules to adhere to in addiction treatment accommodation, which provides recovering residents with a firm foundation to build a life in recovery from. The kinds of rules that imply generally include the following:

– Residents have to observe a nightly curfew

– An employment requirement

– A restriction on the number of visitors to the house

– Division of household duties including paying bills and restocking food supplies

– No drugs or alcohol are permitted anywhere in the accommodation

– People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed in the building

– A required amount of therapy sessions throughout the week

– Mandatory house meetings

The principle objective of addiction treatment accommodation is to prepare individuals to return to their daily lives when they feel ready to. Sober living arrangements offer residents a security blanket that gives residents in recovery extra motivation to remain substance-free.

Why Housing is Important in Addiction Treatment

When someone has been struggling with substance abuse, they need to restore a sound and healthy framework in their lives. Casa Recovery is a team of addiction specialists with a strong track record of promoting long-term sobriety in our patients. When it comes to addiction treatment, the environment has a strong bearing on a successful recovery. Whether attending a residential program or residing at our luxury addiction treatment accommodations in Orange County, Casa Recovery provides you with the space to overcome your illness. Contact us today to find out more about addiction treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA and take your first steps towards a happy and substance-free life.


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