Understanding Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder
Understanding Panic Disorder


Panic disorder is a mental health condition that is characterized by repeated episodes of extreme fear which are accompanied by physical symptoms like heart palpitations and chest pain. Most people are aware of panic attacks but the reality is that a person with this condition can feel as though they are experiencing a heart attack, such is the severity of the physical symptoms. Many people with panic disorder become vulnerable to developing anxiety or depression as a result of worrying about when the next episode will strike.

Causes of Panic Disorder

One of the biggest factors in developing panic disorder is genetics, along with traumatic life events. The way a person with panic disorder thinks exaggerates the body’s normal defense mechanism of “fight or flight.” This is the biological process that activates the brain when danger or death is imminent. Because this is falsely triggered in a person with panic disorder, the condition is likely to get worse unless the person seeks treatment.

Treatments of Panic Disorder

Research shows that a combination of evidence-based therapy such as psychotherapy or CBT and holistic practices like yoga and meditation are extremely effective. The objective of rehab treatment for people with panic disorder is to help them to view trigger situations in a different way so as to avoid an episode. According to the stats, between 70 and 90% of people with panic disorder have had their symptoms reduced as a result of professional therapy.

Co-occurring Disorders

One of the main concerns for sufferers of panic disorder is co-occurring illness. There is a strong correlation between panic disorder and anxiety or depression. People with two health conditions at the same time are known as dual diagnosis. These patients require specialist treatment on a custom mental health program in San Juan Capistrano.

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