Understanding Delusional Disorder

Delusional Disorder
Understanding Delusional Disorder


Delusional disorder is a mental health condition formerly known as paranoid disorder. It is a type of psychosis which leaves people unable to distinguish between reality and imagination. The main symptom of this illness is delusions, which are irrational and unshakable believes in something not based in reality. People with this condition have a great deal of difficulty communicating with others on a daily basis when they are suffering from a delusional episode.

Understanding Delusional Disorder

It is easy to apply broad brushstrokes to all mental illnesses although there are significant differences between them. A person with delusional disorder often has beliefs that are quite impossible in reality such as being abducted by aliens or having innermost thoughts broadcast to the public. A sufferer is very likely to be able to cope in social situations unless their disorder is triggered by circumstances or they are confronted by the subject of their delusions.

Types of Delusions in Delusional Disorders

There are various “themes” for delusions for a person with this disorder including the following:

  • Erotomanic: When the person believes an unattainable person such as a celebrity is in love with them which can result in stalking behavior
  • Grandiose: The individual has an exaggerated view of their own importance, leading to entitled or narcissistic behavior
  • Jealousy: A persistent belief that a romantic partner is being unfaithful, seeing evidence where there is none
  • Persecutory: The belief that the person is being abused or mistreated or having unfounded suspicions of others plotting against them

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