Bipolar disorder is generally characterized by what are known as “mood episodes”, although there are several different types of the mental illness. One fact that many sufferers find difficult is that bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness. That said, it is a mental health condition that can be successfully treated to enable people to cope with symptoms over the long term.

The different types of bipolar disorder include the following:

  • Bipolar I: periods of intense mood swings fluctuating from mania to depression
  • Bipolar II: a milder form of the disorder, characterized by milder episodes of mania and depression
  • Cyclothymic: Less intense and shorter episodes of mania and depression that are not long-lasting
  • Mixed features: Marked by hyperactivity, sleeplessness and racing thoughts, which can all occur simultaneously
  • Rapid-cycling: This type of bipolar disorder applies to people having more than four mood episodes within a year. Some people with this type of disorder may also exhibit distinct mood polarities within short periods of as little as a week.
The Importance of Getting Treatment

Bipolar disorder requires treatment in order for a sufferer to enjoy a “normal” life and naturally, the sooner someone seeks help, the better. The danger of leaving this type of mental health condition untreated is that it significantly increases the risk of turning to alcohol or drugs in attempts to self-medicate for bipolar conditions. Fortunately, our understanding of the illness is better than ever and so there is a treatment program available for most people with bipolar that can bring brightness back into their lives.

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