Treatment and Coping with Post-Acute Withdrawal

Treatment and Coping with Post-Acute Withdrawal

The Best Ways to Treat Post-Acute Withdrawal


Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS is the second stages of withdrawal experienced when a person has been through detox and rehab treatment. The first phase of withdrawal is referred to as acute withdrawal which is characterized by physical symptoms in the initial days and weeks after abstinence. PAWS on the other hand occurs as the brain’s chemistry returns to ‘normal’ after consistent substance abuse.

Treating Post-Acute Withdrawal


Practice Compassion: Although it is challenging to quit alcohol or drugs, staying sober is even more so. Develop a sense of compassion for yourself and others who are likely to be affected by your behavior.


Plan Ahead: It is always a good idea to anticipate situations where you may be exposed to triggers or stressors for alcohol or drug use. It is not wise to completely avoid events, places or things as this won’t help you to enjoy your life without substances. Choose the activities and places you get involved in and plan ahead so that you feel confident your sobriety will be protected. Let others know your concerns too.


Ask for Help: It is always important to know you can ask for help, especially from your support network. Reaching out to others who understand at moments where you are struggling will help you keep your motivation and ensure your recovery progress.


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