The Importance of Men’s Health Month

Removing the Stress from Your Holidays

Men’s Health Month is observed in June of every year. It’s an important time to remember the health challenges men face. And why those problems lead men to live 5 years less than women on average.

Why are men less healthy? Higher rates of serious illness and shorter life span can be directly attributed to the fact many men don’t like going to the doctor.

When they feel aches, pains, or unusual symptoms, men tend to grit their teeth, struggle through their day, and wait for the symptoms to subside.

Women go to the doctor twice as much as men. As a result, doctors can diagnose health problems early for more effective treatment and much more likely recovery.

Men’s Health Month works to heighten awareness so men realize they should schedule an appointment with a physician or therapist. Even though summer has warm weather and fun calls, it’s always a good time to give your doctor or clinic a call for a regular checkup or help with a health concern.

Health Problems Prevalent in Men

We are all aware men have a heightened risk for heart attacks and diabetes. Flu and pneumonia are also frequent problems. Respiratory diseases are a major challenge for many men, often due to smoking or environmental factors.

But did you know men also suffer from mental health challenges that can have a serious effect on their health and quality of life?

Among the top 10 health problems men face are depression and suicide. Studies estimate at least 6 million men in the US suffer from depression and related disorders.

In some years, suicide kills more men in various groups than any other health problem.

Suicide Prevention

If you feel someone is at immediate risk of hurting themselves or injuring someone else, call 911. Stay with the person until help arrives.

Remove knives, guns, medications, and anything else that could cause harm.

Listen to what the person says. Be careful not to judge or argue. It’s important to maintain a calm tone of voice. Don’t threaten or yell.

Our office frequently works with men who are suffering from depression and thoughts of self harm. We can help you gain relief from past traumas and negative thoughts.

Effects of Alcohol

Many men consume alcohol on a regular basis. This can include alcohol abuse that, over time, leads to liver problems.

Drinking a lot of alcohol for just a few days can cause a build-up of fats in the liver. It can be the beginning of the alcoholic fatty liver disease and the first stage of ARLD.

Our office uses a variety of effective methods to help men either quit drinking or modify alcohol use to a healthier level. This can help you, or someone you love, avoid liver disease and other alcohol related risks.

Avoiding Accidents

Serious injuries both on and off the job are one of the top 10 health problems affecting men. Many men work in careers where serious physical or mental harm is a possibility. It’s worthwhile to think of safety standards in your industry and comply with them.

It’s best not to be too confident around power equipment, heavy equipment, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. Even though you’ve been working with them for years, it’s always wise to practice accepted safety. You never know when the unthinkable will happen.

Not Just Men, Also Boys

Men’s Month also includes boys. Many of the health problems men experience actually get started when they are children. Boys tend not to go to the doctor as much as they should. And even though boys commonly suffer from a variety of mental health issues, they may not be seeing a qualified therapist.

Take a moment to think about your son’s physical and mental health. This is a good time for a checkup or to ask questions with a qualified medical or mental health professional.

We Can Help

Our treatment center works with men of all ages in overcoming substance abuse and dealing with mental health issues. We use a range of modern techniques that bring greater happiness and more balanced life. These can be a major contributor to good health. Please contact us today for answers to your questions.

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