Alexandra Durham

Alex began her career in health and wellness over 25 years ago. It was then that she discovered the path to wellness was through connecting the mind and body. Alex started her wellness journey with yoga and studying with world leaders. Her experience teaching in the recovery community fueled her decision to learn Reiki to help balance the energy in their bodies and remove negative blocks helping them heal, especially from trauma.

After learning Reiki, Alex found sound therapy, specifically tuning fork sound therapy, as another modality to help others heal their body on a cellular level. Tuning fork therapy is based on the concept that there are vibrations in the universe, and vibrational waves all around and inside each of us. Alex believes our bodies have rhythm and harmony and if it experiences waves that create rhythm and harmony sound healing occurs. Our bodies are made up of 75% water which serves as a great conductor for sound, and therefore tends to resonate with the sound it hears. In sound therapy, as the vibrations from sound travel through the body, they remove blockages that hinder energy flow. Alex is passionate to have the opportunity to share these healing modalities with the clients at Casa.