Dual Diagnosis Treatment Should Be the Industry Standard

A Shifting Understanding of Dual Diagnosis Dual diagnosis treatment, while rising in popularity, still isn’t the standard for all mental health practitioners. Modern research is discovering how mental health conditions may lead to or worsen other illnesses; it’s clear we need to address every facet of emotional, mental, and physical distress. The term “dual diagnosis” […]

What Does a Dual-Diagnosis Program Treat?

  Dual-diagnosis programs treat a substance use disorder and one or more mental health disorders at the same time. For the best chance of success in recovering from addiction, a substance abuse program also offers mental health treatment that includes therapy, counseling, and group therapy. Substance use disorders and mental health conditions co-occur more often […]

What Is the Link Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse?

  Many individuals that experience addiction to alcohol or other drugs have experienced or will experience a co-occurring mental health diagnosis in their lifetime. Although there is a high prevalence of comorbidity between addiction and mental health disorders, this does not necessarily mean that one caused the other. Many factors contribute to the link between […]