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The Slippery Steps to Painkiller Addiction
The Slippery Steps to Painkiller Addiction

Painkiller addiction is a significant problem in the US; in fact, media reports suggest it is the nation’s latest epidemic. The types of painkillers involved in this issue are highly-potent opioid-based painkillers which have similar properties to its natural counterpart which is the illegal substance heroin. Opioids are a kind of synthetic heroin that is used in medications most commonly prescribed to people with severe or chronic pain.

How Does Painkiller Addiction Occur?

The reason there has been such a large increase in painkiller abuse in America is because many people believe the drug to be safe because it was prescribed to them by a doctor. Although it is quite natural to believe this is the case, the kind of opioid-based painkillers most widely being used are in fact incredibly dangerous. This is because people become tolerant to prescription painkillers after a short time of regular use which is the beginning of a slippery slope towards addiction.

When someone is tolerant of painkillers, they will find they need to take a higher dose to get the desired effects. This is because the body has become used to the drug and requires more to feel it working. Once someone is tolerant, they will begin to exhibit withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug and experience cravings that can often be quite overwhelming.

In the majority of cases, it is only by taking more opioid meds that withdrawal symptoms can be relieved or eliminated. This marks the beginning of a negative addictive cycle of use, withdrawal, and continued use. The more a person has become dependent on or addicted to painkillers, the more intense their withdrawal symptoms will be. That said, there is treatment available to everyone abusing painkillers, regardless of the severity of their problems.

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