Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a much more common mental health issue than many may think. Most people associate PTSD with veterans suffering prolonged side effects of experiencing active combat. However, PTSD is something that can affect anyone from any occupation or background and is an illness that can be successfully treated for a happy and fulfilling future. PTSD and the general symptoms of trauma can vary in intensity over a period of time.

Some people develop the symptoms quickly in response to a life-altering event or circumstance, whereas others may not feel any negative impact for many months or even years after. It is a natural defense mechanism to bury bad experiences until we’re able to deal with them and for some, that process takes considerable time.

Signs and Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:

– Increased anxiety and feelings of being overly emotional

– Hyper-vigilance, when the body feels as though it’s on “red alert”

– Intense physical reactions to reminders of the trauma such as nausea, rapid heart rate, muscle tension and sweating

– Outbursts of aggression and anger

– Irrational thoughts and an overwhelming sense of fear

– Inability to concentrate and reduced tolerance to persistent noise

– Panic attacks accompanied by general anxiety and depression

– Trouble sleeping

– Avoidance of loved ones and social situations

– Feelings of isolation

The symptoms of PTSD can be extremely distressing and some may even find themselves resorting to using alcohol or drugs to relieve them. It is not uncommon for people with mental illness such as PTSD to develop an addiction although it can be avoided if they seek therapeutic treatment as soon as they can.

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A person suffering with PTSD is likely to have become withdrawn from those close to them. This can be for a number of reasons, including the fact they may not understand what is happening to them. Reaching out for professional help is often a family affair as the effects of PTSD can be widespread. Casa Recovery offers specialist mental health services that are extremely effective in allowing people with PTSD to enjoy a fulfilling life. Find out more about how we can help by contacting Casa Recovery in confidence at our center in San Juan Capistrano, CA today.


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