Although many people are aware of depression as a mental illness, it is less well-known that there are different types, including bipolar disorder. Bipolar is a kind of depression that’s characterized by extreme mood swings. This is more than just modulating between sadness and happiness and sufferers experience swings from euphoria to deep depression over periods of time with bipolar disorder. Sometimes the mental confusion caused by the illness can mean someone with bipolar disorder can have feelings of elation and depression at the same time. Bipolar disorder is not a rare type of depression, as research shows around 2.6% of the American population are affected.

What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Due to the fact that bipolar disorder is associated with two extreme “moods”, warning signs are generally different for mania and depression. Here we list them for each “face” of the illness:

The signs of mania include:

– Feeling overly happy for long periods of time

– Feeling less need for sleep

– Talking in fast, animated ways

– Racing thought processes and lack of focus

– Impulsive behavior

– Agitation and restlessness

– Being overconfident in your abilities

The signs of depression include:

– Intense feelings of sadness and hopelessness

– Withdrawing from people close to you

– Lack of interest in previously engaging activities

– A change in appetite, either eating more or less

– Experiencing severe fatigue due to interrupted sleep

– Lack of concentration and short-term memory problems

– Suicidal thoughts and possible attempts

A person experiencing any of the above symptoms either separately or at the same time for more than a few months should seek help. There is now a greater understanding of mental illness than ever before and numerous treatment paths for people suffering with bipolar disorder. Seeking help when the symptoms first start to emerge is likely to result in successful treatment and will prevent considerable suffering for the individual concerned.

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